Free Audio Book

Everyone likes "free stuff", right ? Well, for a limited time you can get a free copy of our audio book - "Viper In Pinstripes" when you sign up for a free trial of Audible dot com ! I know you'll enjoy Bob Cunningham's engaging style as a narrator/storyteller. As always, honest reviews are much... Continue Reading →

Our 3rd Audio Book

Rascal Publishing is pleased to announce the production of our 3rd audio book : Vipers In Pinstripes - Disruption and Corruption is being professionally narrated by Robert Cunningham and will soon be available on, Amazon, and iTunes. Bob Cunningham has a velvet-like baritone voice with a hint of southern drawl - his tone and... Continue Reading →

The Final Road Trip

We are nearing the launch of the long-awaited audiobook, The Final Road Trip, which will soon be available on, Amazon, and iTunes. Professionally narrated by Robert Cunningham, the story revolves around arranging our dad's home funeral, with a few twists along the way. This is the book that belongs in every hospital gift shop... Continue Reading →

Ida Red

This rare slice of Texas swing music history was found in a stack of old family photos being scanned for restoration - and it was autographed by the band members - Ida Red, Pee Wee Stewart, Jack Leach, "Sugarfoot" Collins, and Carl Gabbard. "Ida Red" was immortalized by the late, great Bob Wills and His... Continue Reading →

Our First Audiobook !

Rascal Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of our very first audiobook through ACX (a subsidiary of Amazon). The audio version was superbly narrated by Mr. Thomas Stone, a seasoned, professional voice-over guy and fellow Texan. Inlaws and Outlaws - the DNA Mystery of a Music Icon's Son (link) is now available on Audible,... Continue Reading →

Why Use ACX ?

Someone recently asked me,  "Why bother to make an audio-book?" The answer is fairly simple - to reach a larger audience by leveraging Rascal Publishing's growing presence in the world of Amazon and all its affiliates. ACX is a part of, and Audible is owned by Amazon. It is one of those tools that... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Designs

When should you invest in a high quality book cover design ? Every single time. Think of it this way - your book's cover is an invitation to look inside. It should spark a degree of interest in the content, front and back. Ideally, the front side captures the attention of the reader and the... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting History

Rascal Publishing is excited to share this tidbit of early rock-n-roll history with the Rascal Nation -  a photo that was almost lost to time. Pictured is a young Bob Montgomery holding the Gibson J200 guitar hand-picked for him by his best friend in high school, Buddy Holly. the original photo was littered with little... Continue Reading →

New Buddy Holly Book

Rascal Publishing is honored to be named the digital imaging specialist for a new book on the early life of Buddy Holly as a teenager in Lubbock, Texas. The book is being finished by the surviving spouse of Buddy's long-time girlfriend in high school, Echo McGuire...sadly, Echo McGuire passed away last October, but her husband... Continue Reading →

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