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Free Audio Book

Vipers_Cover_ACXEveryone likes “free stuff”, right ? Well, for a limited time you can get a free copy of our audio book – “Viper In Pinstripes” when you sign up for a free trial of Audible dot com ! I know you’ll enjoy Bob Cunningham’s engaging style as a narrator/storyteller. As always, honest reviews are much appreciated.

Get it HERE (link).


Our 3rd Audio Book

Vipers_Cover_ACXRascal Publishing is pleased to announce the production of our 3rd audio book : Vipers In Pinstripes – Disruption and Corruption is being professionally narrated by Robert Cunningham and will soon be available on, Amazon, and iTunes.

Bob Cunningham has a velvet-like baritone voice with a hint of southern drawl – his tone and cadence closely mirrors the author’s own voice, and his experience with the Air Force and the Federal court system in Texas made the choice a no-brainer. Bob also narrated The Final Road Trip – Dust to Dust recently, and he has a knack for making a story come alive. We are pleased to have him as a partner on this exciting venture !


The Final Road Trip

Final_Road_Audio_CoverWe are nearing the launch of the long-awaited audiobook, The Final Road Trip, which will soon be available on, Amazon, and iTunes. Professionally narrated by Robert Cunningham, the story revolves around arranging our dad’s home funeral, with a few twists along the way. This is the book that belongs in every hospital gift shop and hospice facility in the country – the book the funeral industry doesn’t want you to read….coming soon in audio form !


Ida Red

img005This rare slice of Texas swing music history was found in a stack of old family photos being scanned for restoration – and it was autographed by the band members – Ida Red, Pee Wee Stewart, Jack Leach, “Sugarfoot” Collins, and Carl Gabbard.

“Ida Red” was immortalized by the late, great Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (video) in the same by the same name. It is also written that Ida Red was the inspiration for Chuck Berry’s big hit, “Maybelline”.

What makes the photo even more cool is the fact that it is apparently a double exposure “oops” with a likeness of Charlie Chaplin at far right. This one’s definitely a “keeper” !


Our First Audiobook !

AudioBook_CoverRascal Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of our very first audiobook through ACX (a subsidiary of Amazon). The audio version was superbly narrated by Mr. Thomas Stone, a seasoned, professional voice-over guy and fellow Texan. Inlaws and Outlaws – the DNA Mystery of a Music Icon’s Son (link) is now available on Audible, and will soon be released on iTunes and Amazon.

According to his bio (link), Thomas Stone has a medium to deeper voice which can be smooth and silky or rough and raspy depending on the type of read he is doing. Adjectives used to describe his voice have been soothing, firm, casual, cool, refined, warm, authoritative, confident, intense, suave, smoky and steely. If you’re looking for a polished & articulate voice-over with an obsession for perfection, then he’s your guy…. highly recommended.

Now, go get your next audiobook and subscribe to the Rascal Nation !


Why Use ACX ?

Someone recently asked me,  “Why bother to make an audio-book?” The answer is fairly simple – to reach a larger audience by leveraging Rascal Publishing’s growing presence in the world of Amazon and all its affiliates. ACX is a part of, and Audible is owned by Amazon. It is one of those tools that every author should consider, but how does it work ? Think of it as a large circle – writing, publishing, marketing. ACX expands your circle, and your market.

Amazon_Preview_CoverYou sign up on their web site, follow the prompts, and put your work “out there” for auditions. The author is in charge along the way – you can set the parameters for shared royalties OR just pay someone outright to produce the audio-book at your direction and keep the royalties for yourself.

Rascal Publishing is pleased to announce that our first book, Inlaws and Outlaws – The DNA Mystery of a Music Icon’s Son, is going into production on ACX to become an audio book. After many auditions were passed over, we kept coming back to one professional voice-over narrator – Thomas Stone (link). His tone and tenor combined with a slight southern drawl mimic that of the author, and he is excited to be a part of this project. Welcome to the “Rascal Nation”, Tom !

We’ll release more info once production is complete – stay tuned !


Book Cover Designs

DNA_DoubleTakeWhen should you invest in a high quality book cover design ? Every single time. Think of it this way – your book’s cover is an invitation to look inside. It should spark a degree of interest in the content, front and back. Ideally, the front side captures the attention of the reader and the back side provides just enough detail of the contents to stimulate a purchase. You DO want folks to purchase your book, right ? Well, there are millions upon millions of books – traditional and electronic – all vying for attention on Amazon, Google, GoodReads and a gazillion other sites.

If possible, avoid the generic “cover creator” apps available from online publishers. Why, you ask ? Because your creation will look quite “generic”…translation = amateurish. if you’re going to present yourself as a professional (even if you’re not), you need to BE professional. Perception is reality.

Rascal Publishing designed several versions of this cover in Photoshop, starting with the background image. From there, the title and text were tested and moved around using various easy-to-read fonts until satisfactory results were realized. The result is a pleasing invitation to look inside.

Contact Rascal Publishing for design ideas on YOUR next publication. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Now get back to writing your next best seller !



Resurrecting History

Capture_CopyRascal Publishing is excited to share this tidbit of early rock-n-roll history with the Rascal Nation –  a photo that was almost lost to time. Pictured is a young Bob Montgomery holding the Gibson J200 guitar hand-picked for him by his best friend in high school, Buddy Holly. the original photo was littered with little white specks, blotches of blue, and some other weird stuff that detracted from this historic image. Behind Bob stands his proud parents, “Mimi” and Royce Montgomery, at their Lubbock home. Bob surely cherished that gift !


New Buddy Holly Book

Bob's_Guitar_From_BuddyRascal Publishing is honored to be named the digital imaging specialist for a new book on the early life of Buddy Holly as a teenager in Lubbock, Texas. The book is being finished by the surviving spouse of Buddy’s long-time girlfriend in high school, Echo McGuire…sadly, Echo McGuire passed away last October, but her husband has vowed to finish the book she started about their life and times as high school sweethearts. These photos, never before published, should be of interest to every fan of the early days of “rockabilly”. The attached photo is of Bob Montgomery holding the treasured Gibson guitar given to him by his best friend, Buddy Holly.

Rascal Publishing is not just about e-books. We do it all, from restoration and retouching of historical photos to up-sizing for publication. Contact us if you require any of our services !


It’s Here – Vipers In Pinstripes!


The behind-the-scenes story the City of Arlington, Texas didn’t want you to see is finally exposed, and now available on Amazon and Goodreads.

The old saying “you can’t fight city hall” was laid to rest 35 years ago as the author of this riveting tale fought to keep his job as an Animal Control Officer in the City of Arlington, Texas. The story that lay buried beneath layers of intimidation and intrigue can now be told, as the author describes his quest to clear his name and salvage his reputation. Malfeasance, nonfeasance, nepotism, discrimination, criminal acts, and drug use were mostly overlooked….until the author obtained the official report the City of Arlington didn’t want you to see. We wager you’re going to love this page-turner of local Texas history, mostly hidden from public disclosure for some thirty-five years.