Book Cover Designs

When should you invest in a high quality book cover design ? Every single time. Think of it this way - your book's cover is an invitation to look inside. It should spark a degree of interest in the content, front and back. Ideally, the front side captures the attention of the reader and the... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting History

Rascal Publishing is excited to share this tidbit of early rock-n-roll history with the Rascal Nation -  a photo that was almost lost to time. Pictured is a young Bob Montgomery holding the Gibson J200 guitar hand-picked for him by his best friend in high school, Buddy Holly. the original photo was littered with little... Continue Reading →

New Buddy Holly Book

Rascal Publishing is honored to be named the digital imaging specialist for a new book on the early life of Buddy Holly as a teenager in Lubbock, Texas. The book is being finished by the surviving spouse of Buddy's long-time girlfriend in high school, Echo McGuire...sadly, Echo McGuire passed away last October, but her husband... Continue Reading →

It’s Here – Vipers In Pinstripes!

The behind-the-scenes story the City of Arlington, Texas didn't want you to see is finally exposed, and now available on Amazon and Goodreads. The old saying "you can't fight city hall" was laid to rest 35 years ago as the author of this riveting tale fought to keep his job as an Animal Control Officer... Continue Reading →

Analytics and Keywords

  In the ever-changing world of digital publishing, there are lots of rules to follow - formatting, key-wording, marketing, trend analysis - it never ends ! Rascal Publishing uses three little-known software tools to perform these tasks. You might be shocked to learn that some of the top-sellers don't use "keywords" in their book's title... Continue Reading →

The Final Road Trip – On Sale

Price drop for the entire month of March - paperback $5.99, Kindle version $2.99. That's the bare minimum Amazon will allow. All I ask in return in some honest reviews. It's an easy read, written from the heart, with a Forward written by Jim Bates. "This author's style of writing is not only entertaining, but... Continue Reading →

Vipers In Pinstripes

Teaser alert ! Here's a snippet from one chapter of our current work, Vipers In Pinstripes : It seems reasonable to conclude that if management could discredit their accusers by arresting and charging them with a crime, the “disgruntled” employee’s complaints would carry little weight in the court of public opinion, and our efforts to... Continue Reading →


Creating a book cover can be one of the most important steps in the publishing process, yet the importance of a great cover cannot be overstated. I am blessed to have a bit of digital creativity, so I've mostly designed my own covers... except for Inlaws and Outlaws - The DNA Mystery of A Music... Continue Reading →

Meet The Author !

Rascal Publishing is honored to be a featured guest at the Dunedin (FL) Highland Games on April 7th, 2018.Come on by the Clan Montgomery tent to meet the author and get your inscribed copy of Inlaws And Outlaws ! Have you ever thought of writing a book ? Curious about DNA testing ? Come meet... Continue Reading →

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