The Final Road Trip – released !

F_R_T_Kindle_CoverRascal Publishing is pleased to announce the story that was five years in the making is now available on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle version !

The Final Road Trip – Dust to Dust (link) will leave you laughing and crying, and you’ll never look at the funeral industry the same after finishing this easy read. Be sure to “Follow” the author on Amazon for more amazing stories !

Once again, the Bates brothers departed from the norm to give their dad the home funeral he wanted, with a bit of mischief thrown in for good measure – get your copy today !

Almost There


The manuscript is nearly finished, the cover art is done, and our second book is nearly ready for printing !

This is a unique story some five years in the making – how we honored our dad’s last wishes with a “family directed funeral”. Here’s a teaser for you :


“From our mom’s hybrid funeral to our dad’s home funeral, a common theme emerged – none of this was “common” at all. Comfortable attire, smiling faces, bumper stickers, dry ice, kerosene lamps, curious strangers performing tributes in a hotel parking lot, and an old pine box served to remind us that our family was anything but conventional. That’s just how we do it.”

We anticipate that some in the funeral industry might take offense to our illustrated “how we did it” book, and that’s okay. The book mainly serves to let the public know they have some interesting options beyond the conventional funeral service. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’ll never look at death and dying the same way after reading this amazing true story.




The Final Road Trip

The story that brewed within the author for five years is coming soon – The Final Road Trip details how two brothers from Texas defied the norm by organizing their own “family directed” funeral and followed their dying dad’s last wishes.

Together, the brothers prove that one need not fall victim to unscrupulous funeral practices, and how they pulled it off will amaze you.

Kindle !

Rascal Publishing is pleased to announce that our latest release, In-Laws And Outlaws, is now available in Amazon Kindle format for just $3.99 ! Making an electronic version available can be daunting task in terms of formatting, but it is done and we are happy to have this new title available world-wide ! Download it now !


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Lastly, NEVER GIVE UP SEARCHING ! We wish you all the best in your efforts.