Rascal Publishing utilizes a wide variety of cutting-edge software to bring creativity forward to the masses – here’s a partial list :

Adobe Creative Cloud – an entire suite of creativity at our fingertips, from Photoshop and Lightroom to Adobe Acrobat Professional and everything in between.

ON 1 Photo Raw – a new and exciting suite of imaging software “designed by photographers for photographers”. Similar to Adobe Lightroom, but includes ON 1 “Resize” for enlarging small images to meet publication guidelines.

KD Publishing Pro – one more tool in our publishing “toolbox”, includes some great analytic tools to maximize keyword searches, find the best “niche” for your project, pricing comparison tools, and compare best-sellers to your latest project. Powerful stuff.

MS Office 365 – another suite of creative tools that allow us to collaborate, share, and organize projects “in the cloud” across multiple devices and platforms.





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