Analytics and Keywords


In the ever-changing world of digital publishing, there are lots of rules to follow – formatting, key-wording, marketing, trend analysis – it never ends ! Rascal Publishing uses three little-known software tools to perform these tasks. You might be shocked to learn that some of the top-sellers don’t use “keywords” in their book’s title that would drive interest to their title and enhance sales.

All three tools actually pull data from Amazon in every imaginable category, and allows us to manipulate (sort) the data to fit your needs. The power to see, sort, and analyze this Best Seller data gives the user a HUGE advantage of others that might be “flying blind”. The Search Analyzer does just that – it will analyze contextual words for the user and suggest best Amazon keywords to use for optimum results, PLUS it also integrates the data with the Best Seller Analyzer to drill down deeper for some marketing magic. The eBook Marketer has a “review sniper” tool and a promotion accelerator tool – both useful to anyone that self-publishes their work.

If you don’t want to hassle with buying and installing software and the associated learning curve(s) involved, Rascal Publishing can do the work for you for a reasonable price. You get the data you need to make informed decisions without the hassle – simply contact us for a quote !


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