Veteran’s Day Sale

F_R_T_Kindle_CoverFor a limited time, Rascal Publishing is offering a great deal – purchase The Final Road Trip on Amazon for $9.99 and get the Kindle e-book for FREE ! This is how it works…

Kindle MatchBook gives customers who buy a print book from the option to purchase the Kindle version of the same title for a sale price determined by the author. To honor the author’s dad this Veteran’s Day, he has graciously agreed to GIVE AWAY the e-book, normally priced at $2.99, for the entire month of November.

Here’s what a recent reviewer had to say about the book :

Written from the heart. A family’s journey to honor their father’s/ grandfather’s wishes for a no fuss burial and without the use of a Funeral Director. A must for anyone considering a “do it yourself” funeral. Getting back to the way things used to be. Giving the gift of closure and time to experience the full circle of life, a family can fully grieve and move on. Powerful.”


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