Linda K. – “This book will grab your attention from the first line. The journey and struggles of being adopted and trying to find the past, this is a must read for anyone out there, whether you have been adopted or not.”

Karlon C. – “John has gone through a tremendous amount of searching to find out what most of us take for granted…who am I? Who were my parents? What genetically inherited traits make me the way I am and why?

John’s story should inspire many who seek to know their own truth to never give up because he found the gold at the end of his rainbow and has a wonderful story to tell from the experience.”

Donna E. – “This was a great read…especially enjoyed it because I know the author. Reading about “characters” I know made me want to keep turning pages until finished. So happy for you John, and the journey you have made to find your family. God bless the “old” and the “new” family !”

Sandi B. – “Searching for answers and stumbling through roadblocks, a journey to find one’s birth parents can be a daunting task or a great adventure. John Bates is entertaining in telling about his great adventure. He not only conveys his journey with whimsy and heartache, but encourages others that are searching and gives help along the way. This book reaffirms my own desire to promote open adoption. I cannot wait to share this story with adoptees who I know are struggling to find their beginning.”

Anita C. – “I absolutely LOVE your book !”

Camille R. – “Very much enjoyed the story of your journey. Even more enjoyable after following you on Facebook. Well done, my friend.”