The Final Road Trip – Dust To Dust recalls the authors journey to honor the wishes of their dying father. From their mom’s hybrid funeral to their dad’s home funeral, a common theme emerged – none of this was “common” at all. Comfortable attire, smiling faces, bumper stickers, dry ice, kerosene lamps, curious strangers performing tributes in a hotel parking lot, and an old pine box served to remind us that our family was anything but conventional. That’s just how we roll. One reviewer wrote “I think this book should be in every hospital and/or hospice in the country…” Only $9.99 – click the title to order.



In-Laws and Outlaws – The DNA Mystery Of A Music Icon’s Son – For a moment, imagine everything you thought you knew about your life, your parents and siblings, your entire identity, turned out to be some sort of twisted fiction. Add a bit of cloak and dagger to the mix and you’ll have an idea of where this story takes you. You’re not really who you thought you were – you’re actually someone else in the same familiar body you’ve always known. You need to begin a new life story, putting the puzzle pieces in place as you go along. One fellow stated: “It’s like you have one of those huge, 1000-piece jig-saw puzzles in front of you…except you don’t have the picture on the front of the box to look at.” Only $11.99 – click the title to order.


Step Out, Step UpStep Out, Step Up – Lessons From A Lifetime of Transitions And Military Service , published by BookLogix. Rascal Publishing is proud to have contributed our photographic restoration and enhancement services for this life-changing book. Co-authored by Echo Montgomery Garrett and just released, this book is sure to help veterans and others persevere in the face of adversity and transition. Click the title to order !

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